Frequently asked questions about car rental services in Romania

How to make a quick booking on the site?
From the very beginning, you easily create a rent a car reservation, selecting the desired location and the two data – the acquisition and the transfer of car. Continue with the desired machine selection and Analysis of the criteria in “details”. Click the button “Reserve”. Fill in the handover and take-over hours, check the additional products and services you need and you need fill in the personal data as a driver. Read and accept Terms and Conditions TopCarRentals, even with Privacy Policy, and Rental car terms and conditions. You have completed with a simple click on the “Booking” button online car rent
Rental car terms and conditions
To rent a car, you must be of the age listed between 21 and 75 years old You can read more details in the section “Rent terms and conditions”.
What documents are needed?
Three documents are needed to rent a car in original: driving license issued at least one year in advance rental period, identity card or passport contract holder and depending on car rental company you may need a valid bank card.
How much does it cost to rent a car?
The rental price of a car depends on the model chosen and rental period. Prices vary, so to find out The exact rental price go to cars and prices, complete the location and period form. It will be displayed to you the final price, with all taxes included and the corresponding guarantee machine. Activate the reserve button, you can now select additional options.
How to pay?
The payment is made in advance when the lease is signed in cash or by bank card. The final price includes VAT and insurance included in the reservation.
Is the rental warehouse required?
Deposit charges are mandatory within the rent a car companies and is paid upon signing of the car rental agreement. But I can there are exceptions. You can read more details in the section “Rent terms and conditions”.
How to recover the deposit?
The deposit held on signing the contract shall be refunded if all of the machine is returned to the customer contract terms. That is, after checking the technical condition of the the machine and body if it is returned in the same way condition as at the reception, observing the fuel policy and at consistency with insurance policy. Instead, if machine a suffered damage – regardless of whose fault it is – the deposit will be partially or totally retained. When the deposit represents franchise for damage, it shall be retained in full. You can read more More details in the section “terms and conditions of rental’.
How do I contact the Booking Agent?
Contact details of the agent in charge of your booking. are listed in the booking confirmation email. If not find these details or need more information, please write us to your email address office(@)toprentals(.)ro.
Is it possible to book a car today for today?
You can rent a car for the day that is in progress with condition to call our booking office – from dates Under “Contact”, to check machine availability.
Can I choose any car model?
We make sure we try to deliver to all our customers the desired car model. But unfortunately, the reality is that we cannot always confirm the car model, the fuel type, the wishes, or color.
Who do I call to pick up the machine?
Retrieve all data – Agent name and phone number you who will hand in your car – on the voucher or in the email of confirmation of booking.
Is credit card required for online booking?
For the rental of a car with online reservation on the website we don't need a credit card.
When is this booking paid online?
You will make all payments of your rental and deposit fees only upon arrival. You can read more details in the “Terms and rental conditions’.
How can the booking be extended?
You can extend your booking only by signing a new one contract, directly to the car rental office.
How do I check that my car booking is confirmed?
Within 24 hours of completing the form, you will receive an email with reservation confirmation. It is important to know that you can manage and monitor the booking status from your account you
What do I do if I didn't receive the booking confirmation email?
If 24 hours have passed and you have not received your confirmation email, enter your email to check the “spam” file or “junk mail”. Our email may have been moved to Unexpected way of email account anti-spam service. If you cannot find your confirmation email, please Contact via the “Contact” form on our website.
It is possible to transfer the rented car to another city?
Yes, for an additional fee. To return the machine to another city from where you resumed it, please specify this option at time of booking.
How do I calculate rental days?
The rental day has 24 hours. Thus, at a minimum of 2 hours exceeded after that period, each partial day shall be paid in full, as if it were all. You can read more details in Section “Rental terms and conditions”.
How do I change the data in the booking?
If you would like to make changes to the details of your booking, you please email all our information at office(@)toprentals(.)ro.
How to request an invoice?
Very simple, by simply asking the agent who is teaching you machine.
What insurance is included in the rental price of the car?
The rental price includes RCA and CASCO insurance, as well as securing against theft. You can read more Details in the “terms and conditions of rental” section.
Can a second driver be added to the rented car?
There is the possibility of the second driver to drive car. Please mention your option when you do reservation. You can read more details in the “deadlines And rental conditions’.
What if I don't know the number of the flight I'm arriving with?
You can communicate your flight number after the booking, but with a few days before the start of rental periods.
How do I manage a reservation?
You can change your booking directly from your account. or you can ask the help of the agent in charge this is the reason for it.
Is I required to have a credit card?
You will be asked for a credit card when you rent a car valid for the purpose of avoiding fraud. This credit card must or addressed to the main driver of the machine.
How do I rent a non-credit card car?
If you do not have a credit card for payment rental charge and store, we recommend that you specify this is done to the agency before the reservation is confirmed.
How many people can drive the rented car?
In addition to the main driver on the car – i.e. the person who has reserved online – only one additional driver can be added. Both drivers will show the rental papers. You can read more More details in the “Terms and conditions of rental” section
Do you provide road assistance?
Please review the lease signed at the take-over the machine which contains all the details of the assistance road.
Is it possible to pick up the rented car from the hotel?
Yes, for an additional fee. To raise your machine at hotel, please request this option at time reservation.
How do I make a car reservation request? processes your booking online. Fill out form by choosing the location, the take-over period and transfer as well as the desired machine model. Complete your booking and wait for the confirmation to be answered by email.
How can the rental car reservation be extended?
In order to extend your car booking, you must – before lease expiration – show you at the office rental for signing a new lease.
What do I do if I don't receive an email?
If you made a reservation and it was 24 hours without receiving a confirmation email, first check your email. Search the file "spam" or "junk mail". If you do not resolve the problem, please contact us by The "Contact" form.
I urgently need a car!
For such situations, where you need to rent fast, same day, a car – you can write an email to us on our address office(@)topcarrentals(.)ro, with The URGENT topic. Please send us your request during hours of work and with the required specifications (location and rental period). We will make every effort to find a machine available, as the availability of the machines it is very much a matter of planning rent and of periods season.
How is the rental day counted?
From the time of take-over, 24 hours are calculated for each day rental. If this interval is exceeded by at least 2 hours, SE it will count an additional day of rent. You can read more More details in the section “terms and conditions of rental’.
How do I take the car?
Find all the details about the location and acquisition time of the car rented in the confirmation e-mail or your voucher.
Where does the car get to the airport?
Your Agent will inform you of all details of the location rental, at the time of confirmation of the reservation. You can lift the car from the rental office or an agent.
How do I return the car?
The transfer and transfer of the rented machine is carried out at the location established by the booking form or if you wish to please modify this during your rental please contact the company from which you took over the machine and agree this change.
How to modify or cancel a confirmed booking after payment feed?
If the reservation was made by advance payment, make a new booking, cancelling the old one.
What if I am late in handing over the car?
If you are more than two hours late in the day time of delivery, you will be charged another day's rental (calculated 24 hours from the date the machine was taken over).
Can I hand over the car at another location?
Against an additional fee and in exceptional circumstances, the car can be handed in at a different location than in which has been taken over. The approximate cost is 1 euros/km. round-trip. If there is no emergency, please mention this option on time of booking.
Can I ask for additional products and services?
For the description of the optional products and services available, contact your rental agent.
How can a child seat be rented?
You can rent a child seat as an additional service available (in some cases free of charge). Specify your option in the time you make your booking and will wait for you to be ready at transfer the car.
Can anyone else drive the rented car?
Yes, the second driver. The status of leader or main driver is date of the person who rented the car. Separated from it by signing a form at the rental office can be added another additional driver free of charge or for payment depending on car rental company.
Can I go abroad with the car rented?
Depending on your car rental company, you may or may not exit by car rented from the country. Please refer to Terms and Conditions of rental of car rental company.
If you have any concerns, please read more details in the section Terms and Conditions TopCarRentals, and Privacy Policy or contact us on the form Contact or on the email address office(@)topcarrentals(.)ro.